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Trump Explodes During Presser, Says Stone Was ‘Treated Worse Than Murderers’

During a press conference on Wednesday, Donald Trump went into a screaming rampage while complaining about the original sentence that his former associate Roger Stone got.

Trump claimed that Stone was treated worse than “murderers” and “drug addicts” and he deserves an apology.

“They ought to apologize,” the president said.

Stone was convicted last year of lying to Congress, tampering with a witness and obstructing an investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian operatives.

In a span of hours, four federal prosecutors – who had just suggested that Stone should serve seven to nine years in prison –resiged after the Department of Justice decided to lower that sentence.

Trump was also asked if he planned to pardon Stone.

“I don’t want to say yet,” he replied.

Asked what being impeached had taught him, Trump said he learned that “the Democrats are crooked. They got a lot of crooked things going. That they’re vicious.”

Take a look at his tantrum in the video clip below:

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