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Trump Failed To Pay Taxes On His Property, Now He’s Suing… Again


Trump Failed To Pay Taxes On His Property, Now He’s Suing… Again

Donald Trump just failed to pay Palm Beach County the full assessed taxes on one of his Florida golf courses for the fifth straight year and has disputed the annual bill from the county, according to The Palm Beach Post.

According to the Post, Trump, in December, sent $296,595.01 to the Palm Beach County Tax Collector, which was $101,000 less than the county appraiser demanded in taxes for the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida.

Trump not only failed to pay the full amount in taxes, but he sued the county because he claimed they overvalued the golf course by more than $5 million.

Trump has been criticized for giving high appraisals for his properties by attempting to pay less in taxes for them

Trump previously listed his Florida golf course at a value at “over $50 million” on his financial disclosure forms, including income of more than $20.1 million in his June 2017 filing.

“Trump tells voters his properties are hugely valuable but claims they are worth far far less for property tax purposes, which unfairly shifts to others the burdens of government,” reporter David Cay Johnston, author of the Trump-themed book It’s Even Worse Than You Think, told The Post.

This is the reason many people have wanted Trump to release his tax returns. This raises concern as Trump claims the Republican tax bill would cost him a “fortune” but he has never released his taxes since taking to the campaign trail.

Many experts have criticized the tax bill as being beneficial to the wealthy and Trump would definitely benefit from it.

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