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Trump Fails His ‘America First’ Policy, Increases The Number Of Foreign Workers At Mar-A-Lago

Donald Trump spent his whole campaign attacking immigrants and promoting his “America first” agenda. Trump got criticised last winter when it was revealed that he hired foreign workers to work at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

On Friday it was reported that he will be increasing the number of foreign workers by 9 percent, which goes against everything his supporters voted him for.

The Palm Beach Post notes that “the trend is similar throughout Palm Beach County,” where “employers won permission to hire 2,159 workers for low-paying temporary gigs this winter, up from 1,844 in the 2016-17 tourist season.”

Many believe that Trump hires foreign workers for the same reason other companies do, to save money by paying the workers less. According to the report, Mar-a-Lago pays $10.33 per hour for housekeepers to $13.34 per hour for cooks.

Trump is playing his supporters for his own benefit, yet they still believe his lies.

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