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Watch What Happens When Trump Fans Are Put Through Their Ideology Test

As Donald Trump continues to fall in the polls, the Republican presidential candidate has been changing his tune lately. Now he is pitching the idea of an “extreme vetting… on issues like religious freedom, gender equality, and gay rights.”

That means Trump wants the country he intends to run to wholeheartedly accept others who adhere to different religions or gender identity. However, as you’ll see in the video below, Trump fans don’t seem to have received the memo. That’s what makes his new ‘ideological extremist’ test so ironic, as well as a bit humorous.

During a recent rally in Wisconsin, Jordan Klepper with the Trevor Noah show approached a number of supporters and quizzed them on Trump’s recently updated ideologies, and their answers are truly revealing.

Watch the segment for yourself below. It’s eye-opening, if not a bit frightening.

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