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Trump Fires Off Delusional Tweet Declaring Georgia Special Election Runoff a ‘BIG R Win’

On Tuesday night, President Trump tweeted to congratulate the Republican effort in Tuesday’s special election in Georgia as it appeared likely that the race would be heading to a June runoff.

Democrat Jon Ossoff is on track to finish just shy of the 50 percent margin he needed to win outright and avoid a runoff in this closely watched congressional primary, according to an array of projections.

If the projection hold, Ossoff will face the top Republican candidate in Tuesday’s race, Karen Handel, in a runoff on June 20th.

Democrats had hoped for an outright win from the candidate Jon Ossoff on Tuesday. While Ossoff won more votes than all three Republicans combined, he did not surpass the 50 percent threshold.

Trump celebrated the runoff by somehow claiming victory on Twitter.

“Despite major outside money, FAKE media support and eleven Republican candidate, BIG “R” win with runoff in Georgie,” he tweeted late Tuesday. “Glad to be of help!.”

Republicans made great efforts, including a Monday robocall from the president, and a series of tweets specifically attacking Ossoff.

Trump blasted Ossoff in a series of tweets early on election day urging Republicans to get out and vote in the race, though he didn’t mention any specific GOP candidate.

Now Democrats must get out and VOTE in Georgia’s runoff on June 20th to flip the district.

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