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Trump Fires Off Angry Tweet On ‘Total Con Job’ Stormy Daniels, Her Attorney’s Response Is Perfect

For the first time on Twitter, President Trump directly addressed Stormy Daniels and her allegations that she was physically threatened in 2011 over an alleged affair with the president, calling it “a total con job.”

Trump was responding to a Twitter user who posted a sketch released by Daniels and her attorney yesterday that depicts the man who allegedly threatened her.

“A sketch years later about a nonexistent man,” Trump tweeted. “A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!”

Trump’s comment accompanied the re-tweet of from “Deplorably Scottish” — who said the sketch resembled Daniels’ ex-husband.

Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, unveiled the sketch of a man she says threatened her to keep quiet about her claims she once had an affair with Trump.

In reply tweets, Avenatti mocked Trump: “In my experience, there is nothing better in litigation than having a completely unhinged, undisciplined opponent who is prone to shooting himself in the foot. Always leads to BIGLY problems…like new claims (i.e. defamation).”

In another tweet, Avenatti referred to “FBI search warrants uncovering EXISTING documents and recordings showing con job after con job pulled on REAL people and very REAL American citizens.”

Here’s the tweet exchange:

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