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Trump Gets Humiliated By Border Patrol Chief For Politicizing The Deaths Of Agents


Trump Gets Humiliated By Border Patrol Chief For Politicizing The Deaths Of Agents

Last year, U.S. Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez died tragically while he and his partner were responding to reports of unknown activity the night of Nov. 18 near Van Horn, a Texas town near the Mexico border about 110 miles southeast of El Paso. Right-wing pundits were quick to call the two men victims of a brutal assault, presumably by individuals trying to cross the border from Mexico.

President Donald Trump seized on the news and Fox News’ interpretation of the incident and took to Twitter to politicize the tragedy.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also have said the two were attacked, with Trump using the incident to renew his call for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

However, after an exhaustive investigation conducted by multiple agencies, including the FBI, authorities have determined that the two men died from injuries sustained after a tragic fall, not at the hands of assailants coming into the country illegally.

Now, according to ABC news, the top official of the U.S. Border Patrol has told his staff that the November death of an agent in West Texas was the result of an accidental fall, not an attack, according to a memo that refutes the version of the incident advanced by President Trump to renew his calls for a border wall.”

Trump has repeatedly linked immigration to criminality in making his case for tighter border security. Earlier this week, Trump called on Democrats to “get tough” on immigration.

FBI officials said the investigation into the November death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent has yielded no evidence that there was a “scuffle, altercation or attack” more than two months after Trump and others used the suggestion of an attack to promote the building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Kevin McAleenan, the acting commissioner of the Border Patrol, told his staff this week that the men fell into a nine-foot-deep culvert on a pitch-black night.

“Garland survived the fall,” Miroff and Moore’s report continues, “but he’s told investigators he has no memory of what happened and has not spoken publicly about the incident. An autopsy released Tuesday listed the cause of Martinez’s death as “undetermined.”

President Trump did not comment on his impetuous rush to judgment in the tragic death of Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez. Fortunately, there’s no wrongly accused or convicted immigrant sitting in a jail cell as a consequence this time.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who also promised Rogelio Martinez’s family that the attackers would be brought to justice, was forced to acknowledge the new reality, telling the Texas Tribune:

“Maybe it’s a cautionary tale that all of us need to take a deep breath when things like this happen and realize that we don’t have all the information and wait until we get a little more information before reaching conclusions.”

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