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Trump Gets Own Birthday Wrong And Melania Didn’t Know Where She Lives On NYC Absentee Ballots

Sometime on October 19, presumably in between eating big macs and chugging Diet Cokes, President Donald Trump signed an absentee ballot for the New York City mayoral election. We don’t know who he voted for, but we do know that he got one very crucial thing wrong: his dang birthday.

The New York Daily News reports that, upon reviewing his ballot application, they found he listed his birthday as July 14, 1946. He was in fact born on June 14.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump didn’t know where she lives, and Ivanka Trump was simply tardy—which is why the absentee ballots for all three were invalid in New York City’s mayoral race last month.

Melania Trump incorrectly wrote in her address before she improperly secured her mail-in absentee-voter application and ballot. Under “county” the first lady wrote in “USA” rather than “New York.” She then failed to sign the inner envelope, per the instructions: “After making your votes on the ballot, fold the ballot and put it in a smaller envelope. Sign and date the back of the envelope.”

The Trump family mailed in the absentee ballots for the November mayoral election in their hometown of New York City—but failed to follow the instructions.

The city’s Board of Elections said a series of errors automatically invalidated the Trumps’ votes in the November 7 mayoral election, the New York Daily News reported.

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