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Twitter Is Shredding Trump Apart Over Hypocritical Tweet On Police Protest

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to rant that police have every right to protest, which is true because everyone has that right. But this tweet came a day after Trump said that he wants to deport anyone who kneels during the national anthem.

Trump had initially attacked former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who was the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem in protest of police violence against black people. He went as far as getting the NFL to change their policy that players and teams will be fined if anyone kneels during the anthem.

After the NFL announced their new policy, Trump said that any player that wants to kneel during the national anthem should be deported.

That’s why Trump should not have the audacity to say that police has the right to protest when he took that right away from the black community.

Trump tweeted:

“Chicago Police have every right to legally protest against the mayor and an administration that just won’t let them do their job. The killings are at a record pace and tough police work, which Chicago will not allow, would bring things back to order fast…the killings must stop!”

Trump received major backlash for his claims. Here’s how people reacted:

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