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Trump Gets Torn Apart By His Own Party After Rancher Pardons: He’s ‘Giving Oxygen To Ultra-Right Militia’

On Monday, Donald Trump decided to pardon two ranchers who sparked the armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge. In response, Republican strategist John Weaver warned that this move is “giving oxygen” to the alt-right militia.

Trump announced on Monday night that Dwight and Steven Hammond would receive full pardons for the arson on federal lands, which encouraged Ammon and Ryan Bundy to instigate the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Weaver took to Twitter on Tuesday to warn that “bad things will flow” from Trump’s pardons.

Weaver tweeted:

“What a dangerous thing for this “president” to do, giving oxygen to ultra-right militia who don’t respect the law or the constitution and present a danger to the Republic. Bad things will flow from this.”

Civil rights attorney Joshua Engel agreed with Weaver, claiming:

“I prosecuted some of the “sovereign citizen”/”Militia” folks; they are dangerous people who threaten judges and police and would not submit to the jurisdiction of the courts. The President should be working against those who are avowed enemies of the Constitution”

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