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Trump Gloated About Poll Numbers, Now Same Polling Firm Shows His Numbers Have Plummeted

Most Polls show Trump’s approval rating below the 50% line, but once Trump saw that one conservative polling company showed him over 50% he had to gloat about it on Twitter. Now, the same polling firm shows Trump’s numbers have fallen below that line.

Rasmussen Reports poll, just last week, showed Trump’s approval rating at 50%. But the latest poll dropped Trump’s approval rating to 48%.

Rasmussen polling is considered to be more conservative-leaning, and has shown Trump’s approval ratings higher than most other polling firms.

If we were to compare, a Gallup poll showed Trump’s approval rating on Sunday to be at 39%, more than 10 points less than Resmussen polling.

When even a right-leaning polling shows Trump’s approval rating below 50%, then you know he’s doing something wrong.

The Rasmussen survey samples 1,500 likely voters over a three-day period and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

You can check all of Trump’s polling numbers here.

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