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Trump Gloats About Stock Market, Then Fact Checkers Make Him Look Stupid With Obama’s Numbers

Donald Trump loves to brag about jobs and the economy, but when he inherited the presidency the country was already at a good economic state.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record high, causing Trump to gloat about it. But, what Trump didn’t seem to know is that both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama oversaw stronger gains in the economy in their first six months of presidency.

According to

“Obama took office in the midst of an economic recession, so much of his S&P 500 increase was a rebound from the depths. Trump, on the other hand, inherited an already-growing market that has accelerated since his inauguration.”

Trump hasn’t done much for the economy. The numbers were already growing at a rapid rate thanks to his predecessor.

Trump also tried taking credit for raising American workers’ wages, but the fact is that workers’ wages have remained flat in spite of stock market gains.

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