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Trump Can’t Believe Michigan’s New Poll Numbers — They Are Bad

For a man who behaves like a schoolyard bully, won’t provide transparency were key matters are concerned, and uses social media in ways that are unbecoming of someone in his position, it shouldn’t be surprising that people don’t like him. But Trump was shocked and reportedly went ballistic at the latest poll from Michigan, a state he won by double digit in 2016.

According to a new poll conducted by The Detroit Free Press, more than half of voters, a whopping 61 percent, gave Donald Trump a failing rating. That increase comes just weeks after the last survey was taken.

And — get this: just 12 percent approve of Donald Trump’s job as president.

The survey also revealed that 55 percent of Michigan residents feel that the country is going downhill. This is compared to 31 percent of people who feel Donald Trump is moving America in the right direction.

In an apparent change of heart about Donald Trump, Michigan now joins the ranks of states where the vast majority of voters disapprove of Donald Trump.

There are likely a number of factors that contribute to Trump’s sinking approval ratings. The looming investigation into his team’s collusion with members of the Russian government to undermine the election, as well as his seemingly shady handling of matters related to the investigation, namely the termination of former FBI Director James Comey.

Additionally, Trump’s affinity for social media causes him to fire off tweets in the middle of the night that often make no sense and portray him as a jilted, bitter, immature person who is unfit to be president.

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