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Trump Just Had a Complete Meltdown Over Damning Russia Report


Trump Just Had a Complete Meltdown Over Damning Russia Report

President-elect Donald Trump just threw an online temper tantrum on Twitter over the explosive Russia report leaked by a former British Intelligence officer.

Without once invoking the hashtag #GoldenShowers, which mocks Trump for an unverified intelligence report —originally published by BuzzFeed— claiming that Russia has video of the next president engaging in pervert sexual acts, such as paying prostitutes to urinate, Trump denied that he wasn’t being blackmailed by Russia and that the attacks against him were “fake news.”

In his tirade, Trump wrote that “we were living in Nazi Germany.” He also used lots of capital letters. Take a look:





Trump’s top aide Kellyanne Conway discredited the report on Late Night with Seth Meyers and flatly denied that any of the sexual acts described in the report happened.

On Wednesday, Trump held a chaotic press conference to confront the allegations by launching a childish attack on the press and U.S. Intelligence agencies. He, however, used the occasion to praise Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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