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Trump Goes Full Dictator, Declares U.S. Media ‘Our Country’s Biggest Enemy’ After Praising Kim Jong Un

Just minutes after his effusive praise of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared that America’s true No. 1 enemy is its free press.

Trump’s declaration that the media is America’s “enemy” came after he claimed that North Korea was negotiating in “good faith” with the United States over denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

“So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN,” the president wrote on a fiery tweet. “They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago they would have ‘begged’ for this deal-looked like war would break out. Our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!”

This is not the first time Trump has declared the news media an “enemy” of the United States, as last year he said that networks that covered him critically were an “enemy of the people.”

The president’s tweet was met with an avalanche of angry responses.

Here are some reactions from the Twitterverse.

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