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Trump Goes On Outrageous Rant Blaming Gun Violence Victims For Not Having Guns To Protect Themselves: Watch

No matter how many shootings happen in America, Republicans and Donald Trump will do nothing to stop it from happening again. All they ever offer is their “thoughts and prayers.”

Appearing at a National Rifle Association event in Indianapolis on Friday, Trump mocked a terrorist attack that killed 130 people in Paris, France back in 2015 by suggesting that the attack wouldn’t have been as fatal if more people had guns.

“Paris, France, they say has the strongest gun laws in the world,” Trump said. “If there was one gun being carried by one person on the other side, it very well could have been a whole different result.”

“Claiming that if even a ‘tiny percentage’ of concert-goers had been armed, the attack ‘probably wouldn’t have happened because the cowards would have known there were people and they’re having guns,’” a report from Vanity Fair detailed.

Adding “He then proceeded to re-enact the attacks, telling the audience while pantomiming firing into a crowd, ‘They shot one person, then another person, then another person, then another person . . . the shooting went on for so long and there wasn’t a thing you could do about it. ‘Get over here [boom], get over here [boom].’”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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