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Trump Had Nothing To Rant About On Twitter, So He Attacked Pres. Obama For No Reason

Poor Donald Trump seems to be losing his mind over the fact that he’s running out of stuff to rant on Twitter. So to keep his small fingers busy he decided to launch a childish attack on president Obama, complaining about a “not so smooth” transition.

In a silly effort to respond to President Obama’s statement that the current POTUS believes he would have beaten Trump in the last election —which was really more a declaration of fact than any kind of “shot” at him— Trump tweeted:


Yup. “President Obama’s statements” are distracting the president-elect from focusing on not attending intelligence briefings and deciding which of his billionaire donors to appoint to a cabinet position. This treatment is outrageous! Such roadblocks!

Aw, such a crybaby! Well, here’s some news from Trump: President Obama and the Democrats of America don’t owe him a damned thing, and if Trump thinks that these next four years are going to be “smooth,” he is in for a rude awakening.

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