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Trump Has Ignited More Hatred In America, Texas Mosque Burns Down Hours After Executive Order To Ban Muslims Was Signed

Trump is bringing forth more and more hatred in America. Just a couple of hours after signing his executive order of banning seven Muslim nations from entering the United States and doing away with the Syrian refugee program, a mosque in Victoria, Texas was burned to the ground.

Anything could have caused the mosque to burn down, but it has been reported before that the mosque has been part of hate crimes before. The Victoria Mosque was burglarized just a week ago, and in 2013, a man admitted to spraypainting “H8” (shorthand for hate) on the outside wall.

The fact that this happened just hours after the executive orders were signed just gives off suspicion that someone with Islamophobia was responsible.

This is the second mosque in Texas to burn in three weeks.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help rebuild the Mosque. If you’d like to help out you can do so here.

It just seems like Trump is giving power to communities of hate, like white supremacists and Islamophobes. Trump’s executive actions are not doing anything to better this country, on the contrary, he is separating this country more than ever.

It is time to show Trump that we will not be driven by his hatred. We will stand together, no matter what religion, race, or ethnic group you come from.

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