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Trump Has Just Been Busted For Running A Shady Business To Get His Border Wall Built


Trump Has Just Been Busted For Running A Shady Business To Get His Border Wall Built

Donald Trump seems to be good at one thing, and that is to consistently do something shady or illegal to get what he wants. According to a new report, Trump has been insisting on hiring a shady construction company to build his proposed wall along the southern border despite the “red flags.”

According to CNN, North Dakota-based company Fisher Sand & Gravel has had a history of defrauding the IRS and has also been hit with over $1 million in fines related to environmental and tax regulations.

CNN also reports that “a former co-owner of the company pleaded guilty to tax fraud, and was sentenced to prison” roughly a decade ago.

The company got a bit of edge when CNN questioned their controversial history.

“The questions you are asking have nothing to do with the excellent product and work that Fisher is proposing with regard to protecting America’s southern border,” the company answered. “The issues and situations in your email were resolved years ago.”

But despite the red flags, Trump has been “aggressively” pushing for the Army Corps of Engineers to give Fisher a contract to build the wall.

“A U.S. government official familiar with the meeting tells CNN that the President has repeatedly mentioned the company in discussions he’s had about the wall,” CNN notes.

According to the report, one way that CEO Tommy Fisher has gotten Trump’s attention has been making frequent appearances on Fox News.

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