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Trump Has To Be Briefed On Vaccines Again – Even After Pharma Companies Spent Hours Teaching Him Yesterday

Donald Trump either has short term memory loss or he is just as incompetent as they come. On Tuesday, a day after pharmaceutical executives sat down with the president for hours trying to explain to him how vaccines work, Trump had to be taught again by a health expert because he didn’t seem to understand.

According to CNN’s Jim Acosta, at the start of an event at the National Institute of Health, infectious diseases expert Dr. Tony Fauci was forced to, again, explain to Trump how long it takes to develop vaccines.

Monday, Trump met with about a dozen pharmaceutical executives and demanded they rush a vaccine for the coronavirus.

“At meeting with pharma companies, ⁦Trump says he is hearing that a vaccine can be ready in three to four months,” reported Reuters reporter Jeff Mason.

“During the meeting, several of the experts and the pharmaceutical industry CEOs had to explain to the president time and again that they cannot necessarily rush a vaccine on to the market,” said Acosta in a CNN report Monday. “The president was sort of asking as he was going around the room, well, how quickly can we get a vaccine out on the market, and do it in three or four months.”

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