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Trump ‘Hated Christmas’ Because He Would Have To ‘Give Away Money’: Ex-Trump Exec. Just Exposed The President

Donald Trump claims to be a “Christian.” It’s either because he is, or it’s because he pretends to be in order to gain followers. I think we should go for the second option.

On Tuesday, MSNBC “The Beat” anchor Ari Melber interviewed Barbara Res, who worked as a Trump Organization executive. She revealed that Trump not only hated Christmas, but he hated to give people bonuses during the holidays.

“I read he didn’t really vacation or take time off or spend time with many friends. Was that your experience working for him?” Melber asked.

“Yeah, he hated Christmas because he went away for a week,” she revealed. “I don’t think he wanted to leave the company alone without him. You know, we would all do something.

“Barbara, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on Christmas and its culture, but I think when you make a list of people throughout history who hate Christmas, it’s a short list, no?” he asked.

“Yeah. Well, you know they went to Aspen and he likes to ski, but he didn’t — he didn’t — also, by the way, Christmas meant bonuses and that killed him to give away money,” she explained

Take a look at the video clip below:

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