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Trump Hauled Senior Staff Into Oval Office And Hell Broke Loose Over Session’s Recusal


Trump Hauled Senior Staff Into Oval Office And Hell Broke Loose Over Session’s Recusal

What was supposed to be a “good week” for Donald Trump has ended in a disaster. According to media reports, Trump was furious Friday over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign — and he’s taking it out on his senior staff.

Trump has previously said he has “total” confidence in Sessions and saw no need for him to resign or recuse himself from the investigation. But, only hours later, Sessions was forced to recuse himself because of revelations about his own undisclosed meetings.

“Sources said the president felt Sessions’ recusal was unnecessary and only served to embolden Trump’s political opponents,” ABC News reported.

Trump summoned his senior staff to the Oval Office Friday and went “ballistic,” according to senior White House sources speaking to ABC News.

The president’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and chief strategist, Steve Bannon, were among the White House officials present for the dressing down, the report said.

The two men were reportedly going to accompany their boss to the swanky Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida — Trump’s “Winter White House” — for the weekend. But, after the meeting, Trump delivered a punishment usually reserved for unruly teenagers: “You are grounded!”

According to ABC News:

“Priebus and Bannon were planning to join the trip, but suddenly after the president’s eruption, those plans changed. One source said both men volunteered to stay behind in Washington, with another source saying the president seemed to concur that they should. Sidelining key staffers with whom he was angry was an occasional Trump tactic during the campaign.

As President Trump was in the air aboard Marine One headed for Air Force One on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews, a last-minute phone call was made from the West Wing to the team on board the president’s plane with a directive to remove Priebus and Bannon from the manifest, sources said. They would not be coming to the Sunshine State.”

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