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Trump Impersonators Kills It At Tax March, The Orange Man Is Livid

We’ve seen many people impersonate Donald Trump and each time it gets funnier and funnier. During this Saturday’s Tax March in Washington, D.C., a Trump impersonator came on stage and completely bashed on the President.

The impersonator, Anthony Atamanuik, is the host of Comedy Central’s new series “The President Show.” He decided to make an appearance at the Tax March where he mockingly “released” Trump’s tax returns, throwing strings of shredded paper into the crowd.

“So we wanna release the tax returns, we can do it, boys? Where are the tax returns,” the Trump impersonator said. “I want you to know everyone can look at them now and we’re all even. Am I a good president now.”

Atamanuik also made fun of other Trump related subjects, like when he lied about his crowd size. He referred to the crowd as “raincheck holders” who stood in all the white spots during Trump’s inauguration.

Atamanuik is one of the many number of speakers who addressed the crowd in front of Capitol on Saturday as part of the Tax March.

The whole point of the march is to get Trump to release his tax returns, which he has refused to do because of an audit, but the IRS said that did not legally prevent him from releasing the documents.

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