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Trump Inaugural Committee Just Got Hit With Federal Subpoena

As the broadening swath of investigations circling around events tied to the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath continues to expand, federal prosecutors on Monday afternoon issued a subpoena to President Donald Trump’s inauguration committee, several news outlets reported.

A spokesman for the inauguration confirmed news of the subpoena from the Southern District of New York, which was first reported by ABC News, according to CNN.

“We have just received a subpoena for documents,” the spokesman said. “While we are still reviewing the subpoena, it is our intention to cooperate with the inquiry.”

Multiple news outlets reported that the subpoena seeks a wide range of documents from the nonprofit inauguration group, including records about the committee’s donors, attendees at the January 2017 celebration in Washington and information about people who got their photos taken with Trump.

Citing the subpoena, CNN said the record request covers documents dealing with any benefits donors were offered in return for their contributions, as well as information about donations made by and on behalf of foreign nationals.

According to the report, the subpoena also asks for memos or other information about restrictions on donations “including but not limited to prohibitions on donations by foreign nationals or donations on behalf of a third party.”

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