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Trump Is Getting Torched For Attacking Obama Just Hours After ‘Condemning’ White Supremacy


Donald Trump is a hypocrite, a racist one at that. Don’t believe me? Well, just hours after claiming that the country needed to stand together and fight against white supremacy, Trump turned around and began attacking the nation’s first black president.

Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to quote “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmead, who said that former President Barack Obama didn’t get the same treatment as Trump for the mass shootings that happened under his watch.

As some noted, President Obama didn’t daily stoke racist hatred and espouse white nationalist and white supremacist views, demonize non-whites and immigrants, and enact policies to advance a white ethnostate agenda.

Trump also felt the need to claim that he is “the least racist person.” If you aren’t racist, there shouldn’t be a need to clarify that.

Here’s how people reacted to Trump’s attack on Obama.

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