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Trump Is Losing His Base, New Data Reveals Approval Rating Rapidly Declining Among Whites

Donald Trump took home the majority of the votes from white voters without a four-year college degree in the 2016 elections. According to new data, that number is rapidly declining.

Trump won over white voters without a four-year college degree during the presidential election when over 66% of them voted for him. That number went down to about 56% in 2017, according to more than 600,000 interviews conducted by the polling company Survey Monkey, reported by The Atlantic Thursday.

Trump did not only lose those voters, but White voters overall lost interest in the president. According to the poll, 60% of White voters disapprove of Trump’s performance so far.While 48 percent of whites with college degrees voted for Trump in 2016, his support dropped to 40 percent over the following year.

If Trump has any plans of running for re-election he’s going to need to change a lot of things. Even his own base is starting to disapprove of him.

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