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Trump Is So Full Of Himself He Asked The Washington Post To Do This…


Trump Is So Full Of Himself He Asked The Washington Post To Do This…

Donald Trump is a narcissist in its finest form. He is so full of himself that if his “accomplishments” are recognized as so he goes on a rampage.

But to what lengths will Donald J. Trump go to prove to people what he believes to be true?

Well according to the Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker, Donald Trump asked for the bizarre request that his electoral map be featured in the front page alongside his interview story.

“He brought out the map, he said, ‘Aren’t you impressed by this map?’ ” Rucker told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

“He encouraged me to take it home to my colleagues at the Washington Post and try to run it on the front page of our newspaper. I think he was sort of playing there, but it speaks to the pride that he has in that map.”

But Trump doesn’t stop there to show his intense pride for a stupid electoral map.

On Friday, a Reuters reporter said Trump similarly interrupted an interview to his electoral map.

“[Trump] sort of interrupted himself and handed out this map of the Electoral College and said that these were the latest figures of the areas in the country that he had won in 2016,” Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“So it was just clear that the election, even five months after — he’s been in office nearly 100 days and gone through the transition — remains very much on his mind.”

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