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‘Trump Is Truly America’s Bigot-in-Chief’: Newspapers Across America Are Destroying The President

Donald Trump woke up on Tuesday morning to an array of headlines bashing him for his xenophobic, racist, and sexist tweets attacking Democratic Congresswomen of color.

In Bangor, Maine and Los Angeles, California, in Syracuse, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina, and in Minneapolis, Minnesota, editorial boards are having a frenzy going after the president, denouncing his blatant racism, nativism, white nationalism, and white supremacist attacks against four duly-elected Democratic progressive U.S. Congresswomen.

“Trump taps the tool kit of racism once again,” decries the Editorial Board of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “The ‘go back where you came from’ message is especially ignorant, hurtful.”

They classified the President’s remarks as “an unapologetically racist, xenophobic spew,” and said that just like “a true bully, he then demanded an apology from those whom he attacked.”

Calling his attacks “nakedly racist,” and “vile and incendiary,” the Editorial Board at asked simply, “When will GOP stand up to Trump’s racism?”

The Editorial Board at the New Jersey Star-Ledger held nothing back.

“By now, we all understand that our president is a bigot. He no longer tries to hide it much, and neither do many of those who champion his cause,” they write. “White nationalist messages are broadcast from the White House. Racist memes bleed onto the pages of national websites. White supremacist laments get shouted from cable news, where people like Laura Ingraham wonder how ‘massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people…changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like.’”

But it did not stop there.

In North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer’s Editorial Board asked straight up, “Are you OK with a racist president, Republicans?”

Maine’s Bangor Daily News hit up its embattled GOP Senator Susan Collins, calling her response to Trump’s racist attacks “tepid,” while saying “Trump’s divisive ‘go back’ remarks are anti-American.”

The L.A. Times’ Editorial Board was more blunt: “Trump is truly America’s Bigot-in-Chief.”

Calling Trump’s remarks “xenophobic,” the California paper accused the President of “fanning the flames of disunity, chaos, prejudice and polarization,” saying his words are “all cleverly hidden behind a veneer of rote and thuggish patriotism. He is playing to the lowest, most degraded emotions of his supporters while reveling in the fury of his opponents. This is the definition of demagoguery.”

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