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Trump Jr Finally Testified And His Reason Why He Took Russia Meeting Is Ridiculous


Trump Jr Finally Testified And His Reason Why He Took Russia Meeting Is Ridiculous

Donald Trump Jr. testified in a private meeting with Senate investigators on Thursday. The Senate wanted answers as to why the president’s son took a meeting with a Russian government lawyer during the presidential campaign last year.

Trump Jr. said that the reason behind it was to make sure candidate Hillary Clinton was fit to serve the office of the presidency.

“To the extent they had information concerning the fitness, character or qualifications of a presidential candidate, I believed that I should at least hear them out,” said Trump Jr. “Depending on what, if any, information they had, I could then consult with counsel to make an informed decision as to whether to give it further consideration.”

Trump Jr. also blamed his inexperience in government as another reason why he took the meeting.

“I had never worked on a campaign before and it was an exhausting, all-encompassing, life-changing experience,” he said. “Every single day I fielded dozens, if not hundreds, of emails and phone calls.”

According to The New York Times, who originally reported the meeting, Trump Jr. took the meeting because he was promised dirt on Clinton. Trump Jr. responded to the invitation by saying, “I love it!”

On Thursday during his testimony, Trump Jr. defended using the phrase “I love it” to describe meeting up with a Russian lawyer.

“As much as some have made of my using the phrase ‘I love it,’ it was simply a colloquial way of saying that I appreciated Rob’s gesture,” he said.

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