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Donald Trump Jr Launches INSANE Campaign That Will Encourage Gun Crimes

As if gun violence in the United States is not bad enough, Donald Trump’s eldest son is now leading a campaign to overturn restrictions on gun silencers. The ban on gun silencers has existed for decades for reasons of public security.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), is backing the campaign, and is pushing legislation that would make it easier for people to buy gun silencers, or suppressors.

But gun safety experts fear that if silencers were easier to obtain, so might their use in armed crimes and domestic terrorist acts. They also say that the bill’s sponsor’s justification for the measure – that it is to protect people from suffering hearing damage – is countered by the simple use of ear plugs or noise canceling headphones.

As noted by The Independent, restrictions on their sale were first introduced during the administration of Franklin D Roosevelt, and advocates say the sound of a gun being fired acts as a loud, obvious safety signal for people to take cover, run the way other way or simply be alert.

Activists said the move to repeal the ban is also driven by economics. Since Donald Trump was elected, gun sales have reportedly dropped off. The industry is looking for new products and sales, and there is mounting demand for silencers by Trump supporters with ties to white supremacists.

“The NRA wants to get a weapon that has a stealth capability onto the market,” Andrew Patrick, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, told The Independent.

“This legislation is nothing more than a transparent giveaway to the gun industry to help sell more silencers and increase profits,” said Chelsea Parsons, of the progressive Centre for American Progress.

The bill being backed by the NRA, which last year spent $2,280,000 on lobbying to push the rights and influence of gun owners, was introduced earlier this year by Republican Jeff Duncan, a congressman from South Carolina. His bill, HR367, is termed the Hearing Protection Act and seeks to frame the issue as a public health matter, saying that gun owners risk suffering hearing damage without access to silencers.

“They’re looking to sell more weapons. The NRA and others are latching onto this hearing issue, but there are already safe solutions,” Parsons said.

According to the report, Donald Trump Jr paid a visit to a manufacturer of suppressors in Utah, SilencerCo, where he tested its products.

“I love your product,” Trump Jr. said. “It’s just a great instrument. There’s nothing bad about it at all. It makes total sense. It’s where we should be going.”

Ther you have it, folks. This Donald Trump brat wants to give gun silencers to deranged people. What could possibly go wrong?

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