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Trump Jr. Refuses To Tell Lawmakers About Conversations With His Father Regarding Meeting With Russians. The Reason Is Laughable

During his long testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, Donald Trump, Jr. refused to tell investigators what he and his father discussed after the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016.

When asked about his conversations with his then-candidate father following the meeting, Trump Jr. invoked “attorney-client privilege” because lawyers were present at the meeting, CNN reports.

Under pressure from lawmakers, Trump Jr. admitted to speaking to senior White House adviser Hope Hicks (but not his father) about how to respond to the media after reports about the meeting broke in July of this year. He clarified that as he spoke to Hicks, she and the president were aboard Air Force One as Trump Sr. “was debating between a longer and a shorter statement,” sources familiar with today’s hearing told CNN.

Initially, the president’s son claimed the Trump Tower meeting was about Russian adoption. But that statement was later found to be false as Trump Jr. himself published emails that showed Kremlin-linked individuals who attended the meeting promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

In the video below, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) explains Trump Jr.’s refusal to answer questions about his conversations with his father. watch:

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