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Trump Jr’s Life Is About To Take a Turn For The Worse And He Knows It

On Wednesday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and the committee’s new Democratic majority voted to turn over all of their Trump-Russia testimony transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It means likely felony perjury charges for a whole lot of Donald Trump’s people, and definite perjury charges for Donald Trump Jr. who didn’t take the news well – at all.

Following the news that Donald Trump Jr’s life was about to take a turn for the worse, he decided that this was a good time to try to be funny. He quoted a tweet referencing the previous months of Trump-Russia testimony, quipping “Does anyone watching this really believe he wasn’t leaking these as they happened? LMAO!!! Anything for a sound bite.” Wait, huh?

To be clear, no serious person believes that Adam Schiff, a former prosecutor with significant legal savvy, was leaking anything from these hearings. In fact, no serious person has even accused him of such a thing.

As we keep seeing, however, Donald Trump Jr is not a serious person. He just probably got his ticket punched for a guaranteed prison sentence, and his response was LMAO, the abbreviation for “Laughing My Ass Off.”

When he gets to prison, perhaps Donald Trump J. should try doing his funny-man routine there. We’ve heard that goes over just great with the inmates.

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