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Trump Just Banned Guns At His Inauguration

Donald Trump spent most of his campaign blaming Obama and all the Democrats for everything, while creating false statements about Hillary and Obama to his gullible supporters. One of the main focus during his campaign was gun control and people’s Right to keep and bear arms in the United States.

Trump told the people of America that Hillary Clinton and President Obama were going to take their guns away, and that the Second Amendment was “under siege.” He promised people that he would expand gun rights, stating, “I’m going to get rid of gun-free zones on military bases and I’m also going to do it in schools” and to legalize weapon carry in all 50 states.

As we know by now, a lot of people believed him, not knowing how much of a hypocrite Donald Trump really is. A list was recently released of what Trump will not be allowing at his inauguration.


Trump couldn’t be more of a hypocrite. He had made a statement about guns in schools, “The problem with gun free zones is it’s like offering up candy to bad people. They hear gun free zones and they go in there with their guns blazing.” Now he’s making his own inauguration a gun free zone.

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