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Trump Just Became A National Laughing Stock With His Latest Dumb Tweet

Donald Trump just made a fool of himself, so much so that CNN hosts couldn’t help but laugh on national television.

On Monday, Trump fired off a tweet announcing he would be making a visit to Nashville, Tennessee. Only Problem: he isn’t going to Nashville, he’s going to New Orleans.

CNN morning host John Berman noted that on Twitter, the president posted, “Getting ready to address the Farm Convention today in Nashville, Tennessee. Love our farmers, love Tennessee – a great combination. See you in a little while.”

Berman couldn’t help but laugh as he explained, “The problem with this: he’s going to New Orleans, not to Nashville.”

Berman’s co-host, Alisyn Camerota, humorously pointed out that Nashville “is another city that starts with an N.” And Berman responded, “Good point…..I do think the president has taken this tweet down because he realized that Nashville and New Orleans are two different cities.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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