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Trump Just Complained About Missing His Inaugural Anniversary Party If Gov Shuts Down

In the world of the things Donald Trump cares about the most is missing his anniversary party at Mar-a-Lago due to the government shut down, according to the Daily Beast.

Trump reportedly complained behind closed doors about having to miss a party he was planning to hold at Mar-a-Lago for his first year in office because of the government shut down.

According to multiple close sources to the president who spoke with the Daily Beast, Trump spent Friday complaining that the Republican-controlled Congress’ inability to strike a deal to keep the federal government funded could make him miss “my party.”

Trump had planned quite an expensive party at his Palm Beach resort, costing about a $100,000-per-pair.

But Trump’s plan to hold a party for his one-year anniversary of his inauguration could crumble right in front of his face.

The White House said on Friday that Trump’s party trip was delayed pending the passage of a spending bill to keep the government funded past midnight Friday.

Bad news for Trump, the Senate decided to reject the bill on Friday. This means Trump’s one-year inaugural anniversary will most likely be the same day the government shuts down.

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