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Trump Just Dropped The Mother Of All Lies: ‘Ivanka Has Created Over 14 Million Jobs’

We all know that President Donald Trump has a pathological inability to ever tell the truth. But his shameless propensity to lie with a straight face reached an insane level on Tuesday when he boldly claimed that Ivanka has personally created 14 million jobs during her time in Washington, despite the fact that total U.S. employment has only grown by roughly 6 million in the last three years.

Speaking at the Economic Club of New York, Trump told the crowd that the first daughter is singularly focused on job creation.

Trump said d that he tries to get Ivanka to “please talk about something else” but she only wants to discuss is the company executives she‘s met with who’ve allegedly pledged to hire millions of people.

“She wants to make these people have great lives,” Trump told the crowd. “And when she started this two and half years ago her goal was 500,000 jobs. She’s now created 14 million jobs…. It’s a great thing. Jared’s here, you’ll thank Ivanka. Fourteen million and going up.

Watch the video below:

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