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Trump Just Fired Off a Tweet That Could End His Presidency


Trump Just Fired Off a Tweet That Could End His Presidency

With one baffling tweet on Saturday, President Donald Trump just implicated himself in a pretty elaborate obstruction of justice conspiracy, leaving political observers scrambling for words.

In his tweet, Trump claims “there was nothing to hide” while admitting that he had knowledge that Mike Flynn had lied to the FBI at the time of his departure.

Current and former government officials could not understand why Trump would break his Twitter silence on Flynn’s guilty plea with an admission of guilt.

“This is the tweet that could end Trump’s presidency, said Walter Shaub, the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics.

“Are you ADMITTING you knew Flynn had lied to to the FBI when you asked Comey to back off Flynn?” Shaub said in a tweet responding to Trump.

“Before we slipped into an alternate universe of unabashed corruption, this tweet alone might have ended a Presidential administration,” he added.

Flynn, who was ousted as Trump’s national security adviser on Feb. 13, pleaded guilty Friday to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian officials in the month before Trump took office.

He becomes the first person to have worked in Trump’s administration to be charged by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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