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Trump Just Got Caught Lying About US Response To ISIS After NY Attack


Trump Just Got Caught Lying About US Response To ISIS After NY Attack

President Donald Trump has congratulated himself, bragging that the US has been attacking Isis “10 times harder” in the days following the New York attack. But his claims are not supported by any available military data.

The daily data produced by Central Command’s counter-ISIS campaign, Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), did not show any increase in bombings or other attacks on ISIS since Tuesday’s truck attack on a New York bicycle path by an Uzbek immigrant who was claimed by ISIS on Thursday as one of its “soldiers”.

“Based on that, the Military has hit ISIS ‘much harder’ over the last two days. They will pay a big price for every attack on us!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Trump went further in remarks to reporters at the White House later, saying the US will hit ISIS “10 times harder” every time there is an attack on the US. He said the military action he was talking about had taken place on Thursday.

“What we’re doing is every time we are attacked from this point forward and it took place yesterday, we are hitting them 10 times harder,” the president said Friday morning. “So when we have an animal do an attack like he did the other day on the west side of Manhattan, we are hitting them 10 times harder. They claim him as a soldier, good luck. Every time they hit us, we know it is Isis, we hit them like you folks won’t believe.”

The president’s assertions on Twitter and in remarks at the White House appear to have caught the Pentagon by surprise.

“We are working on that and I don’t have anything for you yet,” said a Pentagon spokesman who suggested checking directly with the White House, and Central Command for additional questions.

Central Command’s OIR action report shows no increase in the military tempo on Thursday. There were 11 strikes, the same as Tuesday, the day of the attack.

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