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Trump Just Got Completely Humiliated On Twitter

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning where he not only appalled the world, but he amused them as well with his idiocracy.

Trump boasted on Twitter Friday morning that the U.S. was “cocked and loaded” before he called off a military assault on Iran.

Confirming — as well as responding — to a report that he had called off what could have been a major step into a war with the Middle Eastern country, the president tweeted: “On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights [sic] when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it.”

Besides the fact that Trump used the phrase “cocked and loaded” wrong – it’s “locked and loaded” – He also got called out for his careless attack without knowing the casualty count before he even launched the strike.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

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