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Trump Just Hit A New Low: Uses White House Meeting To Insult Elizabeth Warren


Trump Just Hit A New Low: Uses White House Meeting To Insult Elizabeth Warren

According to a report by CNN, Donald Trump was caught mocking the Democratic Party during a meeting with senators this week for allowing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to become the face of their party.

Trump called Warren “Pocahontas.” during the meeting:

“Pocahontas is now the face of your party.”

This isn’t the first time Trump calls her Pocahontas. It all started during the campaign trail when Trump frequently referred to Warren as “Pocahontas,” mocking her for previously talking about having a distant Native American ancestry.

Warren was one of Trump’s biggest critics during the campaign and she continues to be.

During the confirmation of Jeff Sessions, Warren was silenced on the Senate floor for quoting a 1986 letter that the late Coretta Scott King, a civil rights activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr., wrote opposing Sessions’s nomination for a federal judgeship at the time.

McConnell interrupted Warren, saying she had impugned another senator and violated an arcane Senate rule.

“Sen. Warren was giving a lengthy speech. She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted,” he said.

Democrats had Warren’s back and came back fighting against McConnell and the GOP for silencing her. Rumors continue to circulate that she could run on the Democratic ticket in 2020.

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