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Trump Just Inadvertently Called Out Sean Hannity’s Fake Patriotism

It’s no secret that Fox News usually serves as a political safe space for President Donald Trump. And one of Fox News’ most obsequious champions of Trump’s presidency has been Sean Hannity. However, in a rare moment of truth, Trump called out Hannity’s fake patriotism, telling the right-wing host that he is motivated by ratings more than genuine patriotism, according to The Daily Beast.

Earlier this week, following Fox News’ broadcast the 2020 Trump’s campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida, Hannity devoted most of his show to a phone interview with the president. One of the things Trump and Hannity discussed was the president’s nonstop use of Twitter, and Hannity mentioned that many people have said he uses that social media platform too often and needs to “turn off the switch.” The 73-year-old Trump responded that Twitter is a great communications tool for him because much of the mainstream media is hostile to his presidency.

According to The Beast, Trump told Hannity: “If I don’t use social media — outside of you and a few other great people — I call them patriots, actually. But you’re not really patriots as much as you want ratings. I mean, you’re getting great ratings, in all fairness, Sean.”

Trump went on to say, “I view social media as a way of getting the word out. Look, when you have the lies and the frauds committed by the other networks — many of the other networks — you look at what’s going on, it’s disgraceful. This way, I get the word out…. It’s really a way of getting the truth out. The media’s just gone loco; they’ve lost all control.”

Although some people at Fox News will, at times, criticize President Donald Trump when they believe it is warranted — including Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith and Judge Andrew Napolitano, Hannity has been a relentless cheerleader for the president. It’s no secret that throughout Trump’s presidency, Hannity has been fawning over him. But according to a report by the Daily Beast, Trump mocks Hannity’s fawning behind closed doors and he finds Hannity’s endless fawning to be dull and unchallenging.

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