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Trump Just Made A Complete Fool Of Himself While Proving He Knows Nothing About Healthcare


Trump Just Made A Complete Fool Of Himself While Proving He Knows Nothing About Healthcare

Donald Trump has said he is very much involved when it comes to healthcare, saying he’s very knowledgable about the healthcare bill. But is that the case?

Trump’s latest response about the healthcare bill seems like he doesn’t know very much about it. The president once said the GOP’s healthcare bill would be great, provided no details about the actual legislation, and proved that he knows nothing.

When asked about the health care bill, Trump said:

“I think we’re going to get at least very close, and I think we’re going to get it over the line. There was a great great feeling in that room yesterday, and what also came out is the fact that this health care would be so good, would be far better than Obamacare, and would be much less expensive for the people, and actually much less expensive for the country, so those are a lot of good factors, so we’ll see what happens.

“We’re working very hard. We’ve given ourselves a little bit more time to make it perfect. That’s what we want to do. I think this has a chance to be a great healthcare at a reasonable cost. People can save a lot of money. We get rid of the mandates. We get rid of so much. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be. This will be great for everybody.”

Trump doesn’t care if the working class have healthcare coverage, he’s just trying to use his salesman skills to “sell” a healthcare bill he knows nothing about.

Not once did Trump mention what’s in the bill or what it would provide that will make healthcare coverage better and cheaper. Just like in his campaign, Trump keeps saying it will be “great” while providing no sort of detail.

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