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Trump Just Refused To Comply With Congress And Is Now Looking At More Legal Trouble

A new report revealed on Monday that Donald Trump’s attorney’s refused to comply with a Congressional request for documents from multiple associates that worked for Trump, which could now set up a major fight in the courts.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump’s legal team is “telling a crucial House committee seeking documents from dozens of Trumpworld associates that it has nothing to turn over,” thus defying a Monday deadline set by Congress to comply with document requests.

The report states that Trump’s attorneys sent out a letter to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) explaining why they were refusing to turn in the documents. And the reason behind it is quite unusual.

“The brief letter, sent by Trump attorney Jane Raskin, lays out that Jay Sekulow — the Trump lawyer who received the documents request early this month — and the current team never turned anything over to Mueller’s office or the Southern District,” the Beast reports. “Hence, the source said, when Nadler asked Trump’s outside counsel for such documents, the attorneys’ position is that the House Democrat was asking for something that didn’t exist.”

The committee can now choose to issue a formal subpoena in order to receive the documents they are looking for.

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