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Trump Just Threatened Ex-Intel Official’s Security Clearance Over Comments On CNN

An unhinged President Trump on Monday threatened to pull the security clearance of former FBI official Phil Mudd after Mudd appeared on a heated CNN segment over the weekend to push back against the president’s revocation of clearances from other members of the intelligence community

Trump tweeted that he watched Mudd “become totally unglued and weird” during a debate with Trump supporter Paris Dennard on the president’s decision to revoke ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.

“Mudd is in no mental condition to have such a Clearance,” Trump said. “Should be REVOKED?”

Trump tagged Fox News host Sean Hannity in the tweet as well, as if asking him for his opinion.

It was not immediately clear if Hannity replayed a clip of the back-and-forth between Mudd and Dennard, which originally aired on CNN on Friday night.

In the segment, Dennard agreed with Trump’s decision to revoke Brennan’s security clearance, and argued former intelligence officials keep their clearances “because it’s profitable for them after they leave government.”

“Profitable, Paris?” Mudd responded. “When I am requested to sit on an advisory board, let me ask you one question. How much do you think I’m paid to do that at the request of the US government?”

“Answer the question,” he shouted.

Mudd, who worked under then-FBI Director Robert Mueller and spent three decades in the CIA and FBI, asserted he is not paid by the government when he provides consulting work, and that he does not use his clearance for work in the private sector.

The two men continued to shout over each other, with Mudd growing more upset.

“We’re done, Jim,” Mudd said. “Get out. 25 years in the service and this is the shit I get? Get out.”

Trump justified revoking Brennan’s clearance by saying in a statement that the former CIA chief has made “a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations — wild outbursts on the internet and television — about this Administration.”

In addition to Brennan, Trump said he is considering revoking the clearances of a number of former intelligence officials, and one current Department of Justice employee.

Skeptics have noted that Trump has singled out individuals who have spoken out against him, and suggested the president may be using the clearances as a political tool to retaliate.

Dozens of ex-intelligence officials, including Mudd, have expressed support for Brennan in recent days and condemned Trump’s decision to revoke his clearance.

Michael Hayden, a former CIA director whose clearance Trump said he’s reviewing, responded to Trump’s tweet on Monday night calling Mudd a “hero” and a “counter-terrorism giant.”

Watch the CNN segment that triggered Trump’s rath:

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