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Trump Just Threatened To Kill Health Insurance For Millions Of Americans To Blackmail Dems

Donald Trump is hitting new lows by threatening Democrats who don’t support the Republican healthcare bill to kill health care coverage for tens of millions of Americans by next month.

The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender tweeted on Friday:

“Trump won’t commit to Obamacare insurance payments next month, Spicer says briefing. WH is using the $$$ as leverage in health care debate.”

This is what White House press secretary Sean Spicer had to say when asked about health care payments:

“We committed to making them last month, and that’s as far as we will go at this time. We’re not committing to them this month.”

“If we can pass healthcare overall, then that changes the dynamic… It will ultimately be up to the president to decide.”

“If the president were to hypothetically say he’s going to make the payments in perpetuity or for a year, I think that continues to do wrong by the American taxpayer and it also doesn’t lend itself to the expediency that I think we want to help get a new health care system in place.”

Trump is threatening to take away healthcare from millions just to get Democrats and moderate Republicans to support his healthcare bill, but if the bill ends up passing then 23 million people will lose coverage. It’s a lose-lose for the American people.

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