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Trump Just Tried To Blackmail Dems On Obamacare, Gets Brutal Response


Trump Just Tried To Blackmail Dems On Obamacare, Gets Brutal Response

As Donald Trump’s first 100 days comes to a close, Republicans, including the president, are putting pressure on Democrats as they fear that the press coverage will brutally reflect his historical lack of accomplishments.

Members of the Democratic caucus held a conference on Thursday and came to the conclusion that Trump and Republicans don’t have the “leverage” in the battles over Obamacare, Trump’s border wall, and funding the government.

According to The Washington Post the White House came up with a strategy to blackmail Democrats. Their plan is “not to sabotage the Affordable Care Act — by funding the subsidies to insurance coverage for lower-income people which, if halted, could melt down the exchanges — if Democrats agree to fund the wall and more immigration enforcement agents.”

Of course Democrats are not going to stand for that. Their plan is not to back down from any pressure they receive from Republicans.

“We have the leverage and they have the exposure,” Dem leader Nancy Pelosi stated. She also said that because Republicans are in the majority, keeping the government funded will be seen as “their responsibility.”

Democrats have no plans whatsoever to build a border wall. Rep. Nita Lowey — the ranking Dem on the Appropriations Committee — flatly declared: “We are not building a wall.”

Republicans are struggling more than ever to get a healthcare plan going. They are now rushing to get votes on the new repeal-and-replace bill because aides are desperate to showcase something, anything, as a legislative achievement in time for the 100-day mark.

Republicans are desperate because they know they will be facing backlash as soon as the 100-day mark hits. Democrats know this and so they see that they have the leverage.

You can read the whole Washington Post article here.

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