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Trump Just Tried To Spread Another Racist Lie About Immigrants And Thousands Debunked Him

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday after Democrats called on his administration to reduce the number of detention beds. During his Twitter rant, Trump accused Democrats of wanting to allow immigrants who have committed crimes to roam freely in the U.S.

“These are people who kidnap people,” Trump said while meeting with a group of sheriffs at the White House. “The Democrats want them to come into our society. I don’t think so.”

“We need a wall,” Trump said. “And all of the other things are nice to have, but without a wall it’s not going to work. We can have technology. We can have beautiful drones flying all over the place. But it doesn’t work without the wall.”

He then tweeted:

Of course, Trump’s false claims didn’t go unnoticed and unresponded to. Thousands of Twitter users decided to debunk the president’s claims.

Here are some of those responses:

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