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Trump Just Unknowingly Threw Himself Under The Bus And Experts Busted Him: ‘He Gave Up The Game’

Donald Trump has been pushing to get a citizenship question installed in the upcoming U.S. Census, but the U.S. Supreme Court has told the president not to go through with it.

Despite the court’s ruling, Trump is getting ready to include the question in the next Census and has finally revealed why he wants to include it.

Trump told reporters on Friday that the “number one” reason he wants to add the question is for the drawing of congressional districts.

Experts say he just showed his hand – or, as some said, “gave up the game.”

Trump doesn’t seem to know the rule of law or at least care for it. If he is trying to include a citizenship question for the drawing of congressional districts, he might be surprised to know that the U.S. Constitution makes clear the Census must count everyone living in the United States – not just citizens. And congressional districts are to be based on the number of people living in an area – not just the number of U.S. citizens.

“If you look at the history of our country, it’s almost always been asked,” Trump said Friday of the citizenship question on the decennial census.

That’s not true. But of course, Trump likes to spread falsehoods that his base eats up. It has been asked on small, annual updates, but for many decades not on the constitutionally-mandated Census.

“We’re fighting very hard against the system,” Trump said, telegraphing to his base that considers him an outsider fighting for white conservatives.

“You need it for many reasons, number one for Congress, for districting,” Trump said, which is entirely false – unless his goal is to undercount minorities and non-citizen immigrants.

Here’s what experts are saying:

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