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Trump Just Went On A Rant Claiming New WH Light Bulbs Make Him Look Orange


Donald Trump has narcissistic tendencies, so it’s no surprise that his latest rant was about the energy-efficient light bulbs at the White House that make him look orange.

According to Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason, Trump complained that he wanted to bring back older light bulbs because they compliment his skin better.

“Trump quips that the new light bulbs don’t make him look good and being a ‘vain’ person, that’s important to him,” Mason reports. “He says they make him look orange. He plans to bring cheaper light bulbs back.”

Despite Trump’s complaint, many people claim that he looks orange regardless, even in broad daylight.

Scott Waldman, a reporter who focuses on climate change for E&E News, comments that Trump has consistently used complaints about how the light bulbs make him look to justify blocking light bulb efficiency standards.

“It’s also premised on a false claim because you can purchase LED bulbs that give off an incandescent glow and last 4x times longer,” he writes.

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