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Trump Lackey Goes Down In Flames On CNN During Defense Of Coronavirus Response


Trump Lackey Goes Down In Flames On CNN During Defense Of Coronavirus Response

President Donald Trump defender Scott Jennings was humiliated by a CNN panel on Saturday after he tried to attack Democrats for criticizing Trump’s response to coronavirus.

“Here in South Carolina, health care is very important. Public health and public safety is very important,’ said Jalisa Washington-Price, the former South Carolina campaign director for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). “I think Democrats just sticking to the seriousness of this issue, sticking to combating what this administration is doing and not protecting their citizens. And it’s scary. Quite frankly, it’s scary, but Democrats, Speaker Pelosi, and a lot of the candidates have been doing a great job just sticking to issues and making sure that the American people are being safe.”

“Can I just respond?” said Jennings. “I agree with you. We should be treating this seriously. But when Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg and other Democrats jump on a stage in South Carolina and tell their supporters that the president and his administration have defunded the Centers for Disease Control, who is inciting public panic? Who is taking this seriously? That’s a flat falsehood. Funding for the CDC has increased.”

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“Is that what he proposed in his budget?” shot back anchor Victor Blackwell. “Aside from what has — the increase in the funding, what was in the president’s budget for the CDC?”

“The president’s budget did not defund the CDC,” insisted Jennings.

“Did it cut funding for the CDC?” asked Blackwell. “Did he propose a cut for the CDC?”

“He proposed reductions in federal spending across the board, but he did not defund the CDC,” said Jennings.

“To say the CDC was defunded is incorrect. It is wrong. But we should point out, the president proposed a funding cut for the CDC,” said Blackwell. “He also said there will be a miracle that comes along and will take care of coronavirus, and when the weather changes that coronavirus cases will decrease.”

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